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The woman in black key quotes

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Useful Quotes for the Woman In Black Themes

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Generally, an eBook can be downloaded in five minutes or less Browse by Genre Available eBooks No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Woman in Black - revision II 1. Lesson 1 Revise and synthesise my knowledge of the novel as a whole. Create a revision guide for a chapter of the novel. So that I can In groups of 2 or What is the weather like? What do we learn about them? When they arrive at Crythin, Daily offers Kipps a lift to his hotel.

The train travels through the evocatively named Gapemouth Tunnel, which only one train can pass through at a time, after taking a circuitous route to Crythin Gifford, presumably to maintain the air of mystery surrounding its location. Kipps leaves behind the fog of London, and notices the air becoming colder as he travels North. Ask as many questions as you can — quantity is important here 2. Do not stop to discuss, judge or answer any question 3. Write down every question as it is said 4.

Turn any statements made into questions Does Kipps like Marmite in his cheese sandwiches? Why does Kipps describe his meals in such depth? Which character does Kipps meet in chapter 2? Is there another time when Kipps meets a character like this? Why is this character important in the story? Would Bentley get on well with Samuel Daily? Or: How has Susan Hill used conventions of Victorian ghost stories in the novel? Please put forward your nominations.

Lesson 3 To develop searching and scanning skills. Effectively plan for a Section A answer. To develop scanning skills. What is scanning? Your aim is to find a particular quotation. It might be a sentence or a specific word. Before you begin scanning you must be clear about what point you are trying to make. In each of the boxes either draw what the main event is, in each chapter, or write key words that will remind you.

Key Event 20 seconds Keckwick returns to collect Kipps Key Event 20 seconds He nearly drowns in his successful attempt to save Spider. All the details of the story are revealed. The story comes full circle. Kipps his written his story. Confident and wealthy man. He claims to not know Alice Drablow and he withholds information. He is a good friend to Arthur and this friendship develops The Journey North Find a quotation to support each of the points. Write these titles on separate pages so that you have a page for each.

He is a good friend to Arthur and this friendship develops Spider Find a quotation to support each of the points. He is a good friend to Arthur and this friendship develops A Packet of Letters Find a quotation to support each of the points.

Writing Time Lesson 4 To revise key quotes and the main themes of the novel Effectively plan for a Section A answer. Speed Dating! Group Work! How does Arthur Kipps change throughout the novel? Write about two places in the novel where the setting is important. Compare two of the following characters and explain their importance in the novel: Mr Bently, Samuel Daily, Spider, Keckwick 5.

How does Susan Hill explore the theme of revenge in the novel? Should Jennet Humfrye be pitied or condenmed? Explore her behaviour when she was alive and as a ghost. Writing is fluent and focused. Syntax and spelling are used with a high degree of accuracy. Final Questions! You just clipped your first slide!

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The Woman in Black Key Quotations

T his is a ghost story, so we start with the storyteller. Literary critics rarely use this last term, preferring to talk of the "narrator". But when it comes to hauntings this traditional description is fitting. Arthur Kipps is giving us a tale that he is condemned by his own memories to tell.

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I had always known in my heart that the experience would never leave me, that it was now woven into my very fibers, an inextricable part of my past, but I had hoped never to have to recollect it, consciously, and in full, ever again. Like an old wound, it gave off a faint twinge now and again, but less and less often, less and less painfully, as the years went on and my happiness, sanity and equilibrium were assured. Of late, it had been like the outermost ripple on a pool, merely the faint memory of a memory. Now, tonight, it again filled my mind to the exclusion of all else. I knew that I should have no rest from it, that I should lie awake in a chill of sweat, going over that time, those events, those places.

The Woman in Black Exam Revision

This essay is to be used by those who are studying the play, or want to think about the work after having seen it. In discussing the drama, It does contain spoilers that may ruin the suspense for those who have not yet seen it. The success of the tale is largely based on its simple nature, combined with the horror and Gothic elements that have the ability to scare and create suspense. Many students have to study either the play or the novel in school for a variety of different creative exams. The Woman In Black Revision Notes is designed to get you thinking about the play in relation to both of these exam specifications. Please note however that different exam boards require different levels of information. This guide is designed to be a generic accompaniment for a variety of different courses, and should be used alongside the play the stimulate relevant questions, either before seeing the play or after. Looking at both the play and the novel it would be wise to first consider the context of the piece, in both the theatrical and wider literary context. She aimed to write a short ghost story for which there would be no clear explanation, evoking the rules of classical ghost stories by having a humane figure appearing at regular intervals.

The Woman in Black Movie Quotes

Even though Keckwick is a tight-lipped kind of fellow, it must still be hard on Arthur to see him go. The empty and lonely surroundings at Eel Marsh House are starting to get to Arthur after he spends a while there alone. Keckwick himself is no stranger to isolation and does not wish this upon any other, as shown by his kindness here to Kipps. There was no visitor—or at least no real, human visitor—no Keckwick. Arthur is even interested in the company of Keckwick, a man who barely speaks, suggesting sheer desperation for someone to be around him, to reassure him and rescue him from his isolation.

Fear is a human response to the threat of danger or harm.

When you write essays for English literature, you are expected to support your points with convincing evidence. This evidence can be provided either by making specific reference to moments in the text, or it can appear in the form of direct quotations. Using the text to back up your argument is what makes your writing persuasive. Quoting and paraphrasing are techniques which also show how well you understand the text.

The Woman in Black - Illustrating and Supporting Points

Arthur is the main character and the narrator. In the first and last chapters we see him as a man approaching old age. The youthful Arthur Kipps is a privileged, well-educated, ambitious, adventurous, impatient, arrogant, brave and foolhardy.


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The Woman in Black Quotes

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. A wistful remembrance from a much older Kipps who takes the time to interrupt the flow of the narrator with an observation that expands upon the changes that have been made to his character since the events in the novel he is narrating took place. The last few words of this quote provide an ominous sense of foreshadowing that tells the reader they should be prepared to find exactly what happened to the narrator to cause another person to take the blame. Another bit of foreshadowing as Kipps reveals that he is intensely aware of the power of courage. The reader learns from this quote that courage is going to be required and there is within this admission more than a little sinister expectation of exactly what will be faced that requires such courage.

She read a range of ghost stories to inspire her and made a list of elements that a ghost story should contain. One of the key features of these stories, as well as the.

Daniel Radcliffe stars in 'The Woman in Black' as Arthur Kipps, an attorney who winds up smack in the middle of a terrifying mystery in a small town. Not surprisingly, some of the best quotes in 'The Woman in Black' come from Radcliffe. This list includes many of the most memorable lines from the film.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

Jennet: [voiceover, echoing in Eel Marsh House] I will never forgive you for letting my boy die. I will never forgive. Never forgive. Joseph Kipps: [referring to ghostly apparition in the distance] Daddy, who's that lady?

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Arthur Kipps is the main character and narrator of the story. We see him as a contented man at the start of the novel, but he is haunted by memories of his past. As he narrates his own ghostly tale we are first presented with a rational, keen and positive young man. He is determined to complete his work at Eel Marsh House, no matter how strange or scary the place is. He maintains his optimistic streak even after being haunted to a state of fevered terror.



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