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Spider man fanfiction avengers meet peter

Blasphemy, I know. Also, until such time as we get a Proper Resolution from Avengers 4, I plan to operate in a weird AU state where the events of Infinity War either didn't happen or have already been resolved, your choice. Stark: Heads up, had a change in transportation for this afternoon. He promised not to throw anything if you don't go for his legs again. Peter frowned at his cell phone, but only barely had time to text back a baffled?

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He'd been swinging down fourth and main trying to avoid the latest police squadron out for his head. Though to be fair, once they'd realised that it wasn't him that had killed captain Stacy and that he'd helped save the city from Dr. Connors, most of the polices' effort aimed at arresting him, became half-hearted at best. Maybe it was due to the four and a half hours of sleep he'd gotten last night or the fact that he hadn't eaten anything in the last eight hours, but whatever it was that had caused him to be sloppy, he promised himself to never let it happen again.

He'd honestly thought that the mugger didn't have a gun, 'cause really who uses a knife to mug someone when they have a gun? So between getting shot in the arm and heading in the complete wrong direction to home to avoid the police, Peter thought that this night couldn't get any worse.

He was wrong. He'd just landed in an oddly familiar part of town. Following his instincts he walked over to a slight collapse in the roof and after bending down to peek inside, realised that it was the gym he'd fallen into on a previous night out. Knowing he'd have to wait at least 20 minutes before that cops would give up he decided to wait inside the gym where it was more sheltered until they'd moved on.

Standing at full height again, he pulled his mask off. The mask was dead useful to hide his identity, but pretty crap for breathing. Hearing the whoosh of a heavy object moving through the air he whirled instinctively, ready to fight when he heard the 'thump thump' sound followed by the whooshing sound again.. Climbing out of the ring he cautiously made his way over, sticking to the shadows to hide his face.

He caught sight of a tall blonde man, that looked like he was dealing with some issues. Peter was just about to subtlety backtrack when the punching bag was knocked to the ground due to a sharp right cross from the man. Peter couldn't stop himself from letting out a whistle of appreciation. The man paused in place on his way to hang another punching bag and turned towards peter, only realising then that he wasn't alone anymore.

Taking a step back, as if to flee, Peter halted when he heard the sad tone in the next words. Tony was on a roll, so far he'd avoided seven meetings and flirted and bedazzled his way out of four possible lawsuits for speaking to truthfully about some things.

Just as he was about to head for an early lunch, he was stopped dead in his tracks by Peppers no nonsense stance. I thought we'd come to an agreement about this. You have a people's party to attend, you're the guest of honour. They already had this booked for over a year; you'd promised you'd go. Don't even think of missing it, you owe me at least one attended party for that San Francisco incident.

Fine but I'm not doing any PR stuff, that's what I have you for. There was something about these Stark Galas that made him uncomfortable. Hell any other day he'd probably kill to be invited to one.

But since he'd been sent to take pictures of Tony Stark, ten minutes ago by J. Johnson because his photos weren't completely terrible and they needed someone to cover the event, meant that he hadn't got the chance to change clothes. He'd been hoping that he could just lay low over by one of the walls until Mr.

Stark arrived, take some pictures and then head home. Hell he was so exhausted from his patrol last night that the last thing on his mind was traversing the crowds to pester one of his hero's with science question. Letting out a sigh, he stole some sort of prawn thing from one of the passing servers and lent back against the wall to eat and wait.

You should try the little spinach pie thing, tastes pretty good. Slightly shocked that anyone was able to approach him with his senses alerting him, Peter flinched before turning to face the host of the party. Pushing off from the wall so he wasn't leaning slouched against it anymore, Peter proceeded to try and apologise for his appearance. Hell if it wasn't for Pepper, I'd probably be dressed the same Well except for the t-shirt.

Honestly 'Dead by Sunrise', doesn't anyone know good music anymore!?. It was probably the exhaustion that cause his impoliteness ,Aunt May would kill him if she knew what he was about to say. They just haven't had enough time to If there not in the charts how are people supposed to know them and like their stuff.

Not that there's anything good in the charts. It's all crappy dance music. You talked back, I like that, usually I'm surrounded by yes-men and vultures. So your here for what, judging from that camera I'd say a photo of my perfect form? Tony said as he reached for the camera around Peter's neck, switching it on and proceeded to throw his arm around Peter to take a selfie of the two of them.

Or are you going to take another for my close-up? He said easily, grinning at Peter's slack expression. After a about two minutes of photos Peter said he was done. He handed the camera to Tony to look at. How'd you know my left side's my good sid-" He cut off, and reached into his pocket, taking out his phone. He sighed, handing the camera back to Peter. After having one to many incidents with his suit tearing, Peter decided to use his old friend "the internet" to help find something more durable.

He had no idea why he was standing outside, hell it made him look even more suspicious, but hell the outfits in the front window consisted of nothing but lingerie. After finally entering he was pleasantly surprised with the interior, it didn't seem burlesque-ish at all. It actually looked like any other shop, the low lighting and soft music, lulling him into a content state. I was hoping to buy about ten metres of it in white if possible. I swear someday you'll have to tell me what you're using this stuff for.

You're one of my most regular customer. Can I get twenty metres this time? It should last me a bit longer then. I'll be back in a few. And don't bother ogling Natasha she's waaay out of your league. Jane sells this really sturdy material, that I need I also buy from there other material range. And your right, it is very durable. She walked towards the counter, coming to stop just before it as Jane walked back into the front of the shop.

Hope everything's good. I'll see you 'round? Oh and you should ask about their new material, it's not nearly as durable but you can really breathe in it. See you Kid. Did you want me to text you the next time she's in? Is my stuff ready? And what's this new breathable material she mentioned? He knew he was probably a little too old for them, but he hadn't been to an arcade in years and the thought of one brought back good memories. As he walked in, secretly glad to see other adults amongst the throngs of teenagers, he scoped the place out.

He walked casually around the place seeing what games they had. From the looks of it something called Dance Nation was very popular, there was a large group, standing around watching two players fighting it out. Deciding to stick with the ever manly and safe option he chose a racing game. He smiled when he realised that this specific game contained another of his childhood favourites. After twenty minutes and some cursing he was pleased to see that he'd claimed first on the leader board.

He then proceeded to check out the other amusements available, seeing it he could make a clean sweep at the leader board. He headed to another game, a shooting one this time. It would probably be considered cheating due to his proficiency with the weapon, but he didn't care. It only took him eight minutes to reach the high score on this game, knocking the previous leader off the board. Some random guy called 'Peter'. Wait, hadn't that been the name at the top of the mariocart racing game too?

After checking that it was indeed the aforementioned 'Peter', Clint decided to check the other games. Seemed the guy was a regular, as his name held the top spot in most games. With nothing else to do today Clint decided to accept the challenge and started to play the next game. His goal, to knock this Peter guy off the top spot. You are so awesome. I still can't believe you haven't played this before. I'm such a regular here, me and the staff are practically family.

I'll let you pick the course and players, we got loads of time since we're not playing for top score. I've already won that privilege.

After three games, Gwen needed to go to the toilet.

What a great day Peter had. He was late to his first class of the day, got detention, lost some homework, and got beat up by Flash Thompson. What a fine Monday. He might've been to school on time if he had woken up on time.

Sitting in the middle of the polished granite kitchen of Tony Stark is the runaway Avengers. Strewn about, they look familiar with the space, but still slightly unused to it.

Watch out! This was the third time this week that Flash decided to pick on Peter and he just wished that Flash would leave him alone. As Peter ran he tried to grab his skateboard out of his backpack in hopes of putting more distance between himself and Flash, who was gaining fast. Losing his focus he tripped over an uneven part of the sidewalk and landed right on his bruised rib that he received the last time Flash wanted to "chat".

Hey guys. Now, I've been inspired by a few amazing stories on here about Peter and Tony and Infinity War is next week; no doubt gonna leave me in tears. So, I thought I'd get this underway. I don't own the cover but I do like it, though I may change the title later. I own nothing Marvel at all. Swinging through the city gave quite a thrill for Peter was in a heightened mood. It had been 3 months since he was recruited by the Tony Stark to help capture Captain America and the rogue Avengers.

Looking at his phone he saw he had eight missed calls from Mr. Quickly, Peter rang him back. I'm so sorry, I overslept and He could almost feel Mr.

It was several months since he first recruited the fifteen year old teen genius and crime-fighter and he was bonding with the kid. He hoped to do something about his eagerness about wanting to join the Avengers, though right now technically speaking the Avengers consisted of himself and the Vision.

Hey everyone! So yeah, I feel like I owe you guys an explanation. So as some of you many have noticed, Watching Spider-Man Homecoming, my story, has been deleted.

Author's Note: And here we are, starting off the prequel to Curbside Pick-up on a hopefully high note! BUT, if I get enough reviews by the end of the weekend asking for another doubled story, well Captain Rogers gave it an odd look, leaning away a little bit.

I've been on a fanfiction hiatus for 2 years now so this is really weird for me. I have a lot of free time at the moment and I just recently got super into Marvel. Potentially two or three shots! I have no issues integrating any characters you would like to see. Am I really gonna meet everyone? ALL the Avengers?

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Losing Gwen was more than just heartbreaking for Peter Parker. It shattered him. But, he must piece himself back together, swallow his misery, and do what has to be done.

Mar 30, - Read Clearence from the story The Avengers meet Peter by Obviously, Tony and Rhodey knew Peter. The rest of the avengers come Fanfiction Funny quotes humor jokes hilarious awesome Ideas for Funny Marvel.

Hey guys! So, here's a little series called The Avengers Meet Peter Stark, and basically it's literally what the title says. Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for the plot of this story yadda yadda yadda cool so let's get on with the show. So um, sorry it's kinda short.

FAQ Library. These sort of? First Meeting by doctornineandthreequarters. The mess with the Accords had been dealt with and the group known as the Rogue Avengers had been pardoned.

Everyone knew that Spider-Man was young, somewhere in his teens or early twenties. A lot of the Avengers had fought against him in Berlin, so none were too happy with the idea of figuring out just how young the boy really was and acknowledge that they had lost to someone younger than them. When the drama over the Accords had settled and the Rouges had come back to the right side of the law, Steve did think it would be a good idea to meet the two new members on the teams. Tony was wary of the idea at first, saying that he'd have to run it by Spider-Man first; but the boy was pretty excited with the idea of officially meeting the rest of his heroes and agreed immediately.

He'd been swinging down fourth and main trying to avoid the latest police squadron out for his head. Though to be fair, once they'd realised that it wasn't him that had killed captain Stacy and that he'd helped save the city from Dr.




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