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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: look what you made me do ( undertale Version )

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Look what you made me Do[Undertale AMV]Genocide

What would happen with a live-action ‘Undertale’?

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Alterar idioma. Ver website para computador. Instalar o Steam. Proezas globais. Odyessy Ver Perfil Ver Posts. If you were given a chance to make an optional boss, what would the boss be? What would their style of attack be? Would they throw a new Heart Mode at you? Would they be difficult to find? Go nuts! Note, it's.. But, hey! Once it's pitch black No Music at this point and beyond " A large movement space would be given to the player, as Toriel rapid-fires her attacks for about 15 seconds.

Any damage the player took would be healed after the battle. After the 15 seconds, Toriel will fade, and you will be back to the darkend forest. If the player dies, they'll be brought back to the start of the fight. These fights will be much harder than before, since the player has max health, attack, and defense by this point.

Again, a large movement space would be given to the player. Blue Mode is active, here. The player must survive a 1 turn onslaught for 20 seconds. If beaten, the player is healed up again. If the player perishes, they will return to the start of this fight, without having to redo the previous. I see. The player would, again, be attacked by Undyne The Undying, forced to survive an onslaught for 40 seconds.

Green mode will be active. Making some of the projectiles you would have to block, instead, have to be shot. The player will still be healed after the fight. A maximum of two bosses can attack you at once. If two bosses with different "Heart Modes" are attacking you, they will switch between them at will.

You know how to deal with them It's quite fun to mess with the dead. You're still Forcing them into battle. Checking Nu's stats would reveal it impossible to be checked. You will only have Items and Fight available. Nu tears into "Act" and "Mercy". Except, bullet attacks will be invisible to the player until they are close by. The player has freedom of movement, but it's forcibly slowed down a bit.

Nu will mix in attacks the player has previously seen before from other characters, able to take damage from the player, but no visible health bar. Nu would not have any points of defense, and will take "massive" damage from every attack. But none of them will actually kill Nu. After twenty five turns, Nu will steal the Real Knife from the player, since it becomes tired of the player attacking it with the knife Or, if the player doesn't attack it, Nu will notice the knife and steal it for himself.

Leaving the player defenseless afterward. Giving them new actions to try to trick Nu into being able to take it back. At this state, Nu uses the Real Knife to give it several copies, tossing them at your soul. After being able to take it back, the knife breaks down, reducing it's attack to There wouldn't "BE" wings, but it would be knives arranged like wings.

The player will be healed over their normal health, to health. This is the last turn of the battle. A long 1-turn onslaught that lasts for three and a half minutes. If you've played Touhou, you would know that bosses have phases to their attacks, and you can "Time Out" their attack. Meaning, waiting it out for the attack to end, and the boss moves on to the next attack. This would be the same thing, here. All of Nu's attacks would focus on pure chaos, but the bullets, unlike the other bosses, would be in patterns.

Again, much like Touhou. After the fight, Nu will dissapear, leaving the player alone. You get dragged to hell. Game reinstalls itself. Originalmente postado por CyperAleksi :. Aepoh Ver Perfil Ver Posts. I'd like to make a boss with a new heart mode. If alphys was a boss, I'd want her to use the green heart, which basically locks your heart to only move around a hexagon, exactly like in the game Super Hexagon.

Originalmente postado por Fusion :. Clord Ver Perfil Ver Posts. Chuck Norris. If you try to hit Chuck Norris, you hit yourself. If you try to defeat Chuck Norris, he wins and the battle restarts. Mercy menu is renamed "Pease Well I said this in the mods thread, but potential spoilers You talk to Sans outside the motel and the challenges you. The lights are blaring.

The fans are cheering. On days like these, ballers like you Not bosses but new heart flavours. It takes the orange laser idea of being constantly moving. If the timer runs out without you reaching the goal you die. It's intended to represent a monster soul's incapability to survive for too long outside their host. I like the black heart idea, kuddos c:. Pizzarugi Ver Perfil Ver Posts. I'd make Chara Not Flowey , a boss. I'd make it part of a mod suggestion I made in another thread, where you have to truely save Asriel , so he could have a happy ending.

Chara is a sociopath, and uses everything they have to show they're in control and you're nothing but a pawn. The fight will incorporate all the tactics and colored hearts you've played with throughout the game and it will all be completely random.

In one attack sequence, they might turn you green, then purple, then yellow before you finally can act against them, for example. The goal would be to outlast them, until their soul weakens the longer they're outside of Flowey so you can take the human souls from them and use them on Asriel to give him a new body.

After that Asriel takes the 6 human souls and Chara's to shatter the barrier, destroying the souls in the process. This would only happen if you do a second pacifist run, revealing that the root of the problem still exists and must be dealt with if you want to end the evil forever. Scorpix Ver Perfil Ver Posts.

Leirot If you kill everything in Ruins you will meet him at the start of the game on place where you find Flowey. He looks like Toriel's Shadow, but the voice is different. At the start he changes your heart colour on White and bounds to a circle in the middle of a fight square. You can only move around this circle. You can't flee and if you will want to show mercy for him he will restart the fight but this time he will be stronger.

Check: Looks like Toriel. Only blacker. Actions: Dance: You try to dance. But you can't. Nothing happens.

Скачать песню look what you made me do undertale

Alterar idioma. Ver website para computador. Instalar o Steam. Proezas globais.

Why am I electing to write more then, I hear you ask? Well, you hear me reply, it impacted me in a very profound way at a time in my life when I felt very depressed and very impressionable. Being a massive emo about Undertale is where I found my start in games journalism.

This game has unused areas. This game has a hidden developer message. This game has unused graphics. This game has unused items. This game has unused music.

Undertale’s not as peaceful as it pretends

Let me tell you what happened. The first character you meet in Undertale is named Toriel. She herself is a monster—all the beings living in this underground realm are. The player, however, is a human, fallen into the underground due to an unfortunate accident. Despite the racial tensions you learn that humans locked monsters away in this underground realm after a war long ago , Toriel takes you in. One of the first things she does is teach you about the virtues of nonviolence. The monsters in the underground, she explains, are largely peaceful folk, fighting out of fear and vulnerability more than anything else. She tells you that it takes strength not to fight. And, indeed, combat encounters in Undertale can be won without killing.

Look What You Made Me Do Undertale

While there are a few stand-out exceptions such as Detective Pikachu and the Ace Attorney movies, the bad examples vastly overshadow the few gems in the rough. Whether it be the hilariously awful Super Mario Bros. Movie or the 70 billion Resident Evil movies that keep getting made for some reason, video game movies are notorious for their low quality and complete disregard for what makes the source material work. With the infamous Sonic movie being on the horizon and a live action Monster Hunter movie that has nothing to do with the source material being in production , this trend does not seem to be dying anytime soon.

Alterar idioma. Instale o Steam.

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Look what you made me do Undertale Parody Lyrics (by OR30)

Chara is also the fallen human that the player names at the start of the game, and not the controllable character who is played throughout the entirety of Undertale. Chara looks strikingly similar to the protagonist, down to a "similar fashion sense," as said by Asriel Dreemurr , and just like the protagonist, has an ambiguous gender. Both appear to have been around the same age after falling into the Underground.

It's the truism of our time: the internet will find a way to ruin everything you like. This has the same steadfast reliability to it as Rule 34 the invented--but nonetheless utterly true--idea that, if something exists, there is smut dedicated to it. And it makes sense: the internet is vast and deep and, ultimately, if you stare into the void, something unpleasant will come bubbling to the surface. Or sometimes it's less subtle than that. See: your fave is problematic.

Parent reviews for Undertale

Sans:I don't like your perfect crime, how you laugh when we die, but, now the turn is MINE, you're cruel. Sans:Look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do look what you just made me do. Both:Look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do look what you just made me do. And again i made a lyrics yata yata yata it took me for 3 hours to finish it cause i still have to go to youtube blah blah blah and Anyways, i hoped you guys enjoyed my lyrics so credits go to OR30 just go to youtube so you can see the credits and if you liked her song like it and subscribe to her for more well i don't think chara's the bad guy but this song is too good go and check it out and thank you for viewing this i love you all! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. You do too many times Chara:I will keep going on and on.

r/Undertale: UNDERTALE, by indie developer Toby Fox, is a video game for PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch. Undertale is about a child who falls into an .

Urah hah hah Behold my TRUE power! I can feel it

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