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Im blessed to have you in my life poems

Skip to main content. Related Poems. I Never Dreamed I never dreamed I would have so much happiness in my heart. After all the pain, you were there to help me restart. I never

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You are My World Quotes, You are My Everything

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Use a little flare and You will always be my side, whenever I need. Your kindness and care of me is much What would Christmas, Easter, all of those, be?

You've given me presents on all gift giving days Some poems saying thank you Not rated yet Roses are red, Violets are blue, If you were a flower, I couldn't thank you.

Luckily for me, You are a person, Whose brilliant colour, Deserves Thank You Quotes Find quotes for your thank you note. Thank You Note Examples Find sample thank you notes for particular occasions. Thank You Poems. Lucky to Have Found You I feel lucky to have found you- A friend that is so kind and true; To lift me up when I am down, and make me smile when I frown. It's hard to find the words to say just how much I care. But these will have to do: Thank you Thank you Thank you, From the bottom of my heart.

Relaxing, or dancing, or just having fun. These are a few of my most favorite things. Not diamond rings, though I like them too. But most of all, when it comes to the things that I love. At the top of my list, there it is, it is you!

For this and other kindnesses, I can't thank you enough! Thank You for Your Kindness Thank you for your kindness, it meant so much to me. You care so much about me, this is clear to see. When I think of special, I always think of you, And the lovely gifts you give, and the thoughtful things you do. Your essence in my life, is the best gift you can give, Our friendship will go on, for as long as we both live.

Thank You! How Can I Say It? How can I say how grateful I am of you? Your kindness and thoughtfulness is in everything you do. You make me smile when I am down, and brighten each and every day. You Have My Thanks Life is almost like a silly carnival ride. Because it is best enjoyed with someone great by your side. Like you. You have been there for me, through ups and downs. Suffered with me, through my smiles and frowns. Because you have been such a dedicated friend I wanted to know, you have my thanks, And my friendship, till the end.

To touch my heart and make my day. You always know the perfect gift. To give my spirit that extra lift. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, you really made me smile. Thank you most for being you, with your special style. May you be blessed with all good things, and never feel deprived. Fearless as I was, I was even more so blessed. To have someone like you, who is simply the best. Thank you for all the times we played. Thank you for all the silly things we made.

But most of all, thank you for being the one. Who no matter what, I could always count on. You have my unconditional thanks. You say the nicest things, with your special style. You make me feel so loved, with everything you do. Thank you for your gift, It means so much to me. When I look more into it, the love is clear to see.

When love like that is given, it always comes right back. May you always have good fortune, and never live for lack. Times Can Be Rough Times can been rough, and times can be great, But whenever I need you, you never show up late.

Through thick and thin, you were always there. With my friend fit to tackle, hassle vanished into thin air. Yes times have been rough, and times have been great, But since you stuck with me, I give you my thanks. So Many Options A gift?

A gift card? A thank you card? So many options, yet not one seems good enough. You see, you have always been there in my times of need, Always been around to check in on me. You are the most wonderful person that I have ever met, And I must, I absolutely must Say "Thank You" for that.

If I were a singer, I'd sing you a song. About how grateful I am, that you stayed with me all along. For now, let me just say, thanks for everything. And some day, perhaps, I will learn how to sing! And finally, Ding! I just wanted to tell you this, OK? Hey Friend, Thanks! Seems to me an unavoidable proof that you have always been there for me. The days to me were once grey, and glum, And thanks to you, my special friend, I once again could enjoy the bright days and the sun, And laugh and enjoy the times I have ahead.

I Appreciate You Thank you for just being there. For watching TV with me. For going places with me. Thank you for letting me be me. Thank you for doing all of this and more, But most of all, thank you for being you. It is you that comes to mind when I think of friend. It is you that comes to mind when I think of sharing.

Romantic Love Poems

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There's nothing better than some romantic love quotes to help you get in touch with exactly what love means to you. Often, a great love quote or a few lines of dialogue or song lyrics can help you express yourself more eloquently. Great love sayings can help put your feelings into words. Our collection of cute love quotes will make you smile without being too heavy-handed about your love.

50 My King Quotes: Love Poems for Him

Written as my loving tribute to my adorable wife, ideal soulmate, perfect life partner, best friend ever and loving mom of our angelic autistic son. Although I cannot see that I have ever commented on this poem, I am familiar with it, having seen it in several contests since it was first posted and also in Prism, of course. But this morning is the first time I truly noticed your couplet which seems to indicate that you met your wife through an arranged marriage. It is a paradox for people of strictly western backgrounds that the custom of arranged marriage is both familiar and exotic. We know what it is, but we do not know it in personal experience. We hear the terrible stories of people especially girls forced into marriages they do not want. But we also here the wonderful stories as that of you and your wife in which people have discovered lifelong love, happiness and personal fulfillment. I do not know if arranged marriages are more successful percentage wise than are those which couples make for themselves, but it is hard to imagine they could be less successful based on western divorce rates. I was especially drawn to your couplet regarding the October day which has embraced the warmth of May.

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How do I begin to tell you how, Blessed I am to have you in my life? I'll start by saying what a gift, God gave me when he gave me you, The day you became my husband. You're my best friend in good times and my rock in times of sorrow. You're the reason for sweet yesterdays and my promise for tomorrow.

Free, rhyming friendship poems for cards, e-cards or to accompany a gift.

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How Blessed I Am

I am so thankful for you. For the silly way you wrinkle your nose, to how you challenge me to be a better person. Since you came into my life, you taught me what it means to slow down, to appreciate the little moments, to continuously find a reason to laugh. It was you who taught me to be myself.

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Account Options Sign in. William Shakespeare. Give me that man That is not passion's slave, and I will wear him In my heart's core, ay, in my heart of heart, As I do thee. Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace, To silence envious tongues. Be just, and fear not. Let all the ends thou aim'st at be thy country's, Thy God's, and truth's; then if thou fall'st, O Cromwell, Thou fall'st a blessed martyr!

Related Poems

Even the thought of not being with you for a single day is not in my heart. This is due to my growing love for you my king. How am I going to survive if you are not around me? I love you so much. No word can explain how on earth you mean to me. Because your love is the source of my strength. But all I can say is that I need you close to my side every moment. I love you, my king.

1 Thief. o in the malice of mankind, that he thus advises us; not to have us thrive in our mystery. 3 Thief. I'll believe him as an enemy, and give over my trade. I will present My honest grief unto him; and, as my lord, Shall serve him with my life. If thou hat'st Curses, stay not; fly whilst thou'rt bless'd and free: Ne'er see thou  William Shakespeare -

Some quotes about life are so beautifully written, they are absolutely poetic. And then I realized that to be more alive I had to be less afraid so I did it… I lost my fear and gained my whole life. To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion, to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich; to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly, to listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with open heart, to bear all cheerfully, to all bravely await occasions, hurry never.

140 Swoon-Worthy Love Quotes

See More It'll be awesome. Thanks for checking out our collection of appreciation poems. Think you can do better?

Next Poem. These poems are soooo amazing. I love reading them.

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