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I want more guy friends

Especially as we get older, men often have fewer close male friendships. Worst of all, this lack of close relationships could be very, very bad for us. Prolonged loneliness can have serious consequences for cognition, emotion, behavior, and health —and may even speed up physiological aging. Ironically, as we start our journey to becoming men, some of us become preoccupied by worries about not fully reaching some manly ideal. During this time, we may also start to see other men as competition—probably some primal vestige of our more Darwinistic caveman days, when the only thing that mattered was A Am I strong enough to fight you? This is when we start to zero in on our interests and begin finding paths for our adult lives.


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How to Make Guy Friends Who Want Nothing but Platonic Hangouts

It's challenging enough to make new gal pals , but just how do you go about adding a few dudes to your roster of friends? While I do adore seriously, beyond adore my girlfriends, there's something a guy friend that's unlike anything else. Guy friends—at least mine—are wonderful about giving straight forward advice. Sure, sometimes their blunt approaches can sting, but in the end I think it's worth it.

A few days ago, I was emailing with a pal about work and he jokingly though half-seriously said something like, "Why do you need to worry about blow jobs? You're married! Another time, I met some friends at a bar and was thrilled about a cute top I scored at a sample sale. I did a silly little twirl to show it off and asked what everyone thought.

Of course, the girls loved it but a good guy pal said the top looked kind of slutty, which was cool, so long as I was going for that look. All things considered, though, guy friends rule. And I'll happily take their honesty. Another wonderful thing about guy friends? They've got guy friends.

And if you're looking to meet new dudes or set your friends up with new dudes they're a great resource. Want to make some guy friends? Here are a few ways to go about it:. Head to happy hour. At my first job out of college, we young assistants would head to a local dive bar a few nights a week for happy hour. Every single time, the two guys in our little group would invite their guy friends who invited their guy friends and so on. Some of the guys were still sort of in that frat-boy mentality, but others were awesome.

Start a club: We've talked about starting a book club with your boyfriend , but if you're single, ask a guy pal to start a club with you. And if he's not a big reader, you could start a club around something you're both interested in like movies or microbrews or fancy cheese or anything really! Your little group could meet every few weeks and the two of you could invite a handful of friends.

Find a new hobby. If starting a club seems like it might be too much work, you could consider taking up a new hobby. In recent years, a ton of people have taken up photography for fun. Often, I'll see groups of budding photographers gals and plenty of guys snapping away at the park. And if you're looking for a hobby that's filled to the gills with men, Magic: The Gathering is a good, albeit slightly nerdy, place to start.

Take a class. On a whim, a guy friend of mine decided to take a wood-working class at the local community college. Funny enough, he fell in love with the craft and has since started making his own furniture! He also made a few new friends. Almost without fail, every time I visit my local library there are a few guys in their 20s volunteering in the computer lab, adorably helping older library patrons in the computer labs or reading to kids.

Volunteering is fantastic way to contribute to your community, plus there's a good chance it'll introduce to a few new guy pals. Sports sports sports. Plus, since we'd always order the pay-per-view fights or head over to a friend's house to watch them, I made quite a few new guy friends who were just as jazzed to talk about fighter stats as I was. Do you have a lot of guy friends? Have any of them helped you score a date?

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Making Guy Friends as a Man: Male Friendship 101

Wanna score all the best beach reads? We're helping you fill your fave beach tote with all the latest sizzling summer titles. If you were a dog, what breed would you be? Which Disney villain are you?

Please, for the love of god, never confess your feelings and if you do, please, do not do it on my wedding day or some shit, Sam. I seriously cannot handle that right now. This wouldn't be weird if they were female friends, but somehow, since they're guys, it feels like cheating even though you aren't attracted to a single one of these beautiful weirdos.

Having a boyfriend is obviously fantastic for many reasons. But, there's an undeniable awesomeness that comes with having a truly platonic male best friend. Simply put, unlike a boyfriend, who could potentially end things at any given moment, your male best friend does not have the luxury of calling it quits as soon as the going gets tough. Whether your ass looks absolutely fantastic or like a pancake, your male best friend has no reason to lie to you.

How to Make New Guy Friends (Who Will Introduce You to Their Guy Friends and Help You Score a Date)

Photo: Pexels. However, as a grew and matured I realized there was something seriously missing in my life. I knew that something needed to change, so I opened myself up to the possibility of making more male friends. When I did, everything shifted. While they might not always be right, we can still learn a thing or two from them about being firm and staying true to ourselves. Sometimes when we chat with our girlfriends about our relationships with men, sadly, it really is a case of the blind leading the blind. I find that just spending time with men opens up my mind and my awareness to how they really see the world. Seeing how they relate to their guy friends, their girlfriends, their families, etc.

15 Problems Only Women With Lots of Guy Friends Understand

Top definition. A guy that listens to his girl friend any time she needs an ear, no matter how bad it breaks his heart that she's crying over another guy when he knows she would be completely happy with him at whatever cost on his part. He's always there when no one else is, just to watch her go find another jerk to stomp on her self-esteem. But, nonetheless, he stays and waits to be the shoulder she cries on.

The truth of the matter is that guys and girls can definitely be friends without venturing into romantic territory. And while some of them may be, there are girls out there who just think a guy is cool as a friend.

One thing's for certain though: It's not because they're less drama. In fact, sometimes it feels like the opposite. How many times do you have to say there's nothing romantic going on between you? Just because you get along and have a great time together doesn't mean you're soul mates, gosh.

14 Reasons Why Having A Guy Best Friend Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Updated: March 12, References. Are you a girl looking to expand your social circle to include some boys? With that being said, it is possible to form boy-girl friendships with a little planning and effort. If you want to be friends with boys, try to be relaxed and friendly when you meet a new guy.

There is probably no easier way to meet men than through your guy friends. The task is entertaining in itself, but your guy friend is going to be a tough screener because he wouldn't set you up with just anyone. And it works both ways. In no way can we deny the importance of a bond between female best friends, the sisterhood of women and all that, but we are also not blind to the inevitability of betch fights. Female friendships are a lot more complicated and draining, to say the least.

10 Reasons Why Girls Need Guy Friends

When I was in school, I had a lot of guy friends. Things seemed fine. I had boyfriends, they had girlfriends, and we all just got along. But as we got older, things started to get weird. And you know what? Not impossible, just pretty hard. Why do they always seem to need more than just your friendship? Guys are way more likely to be attracted to their female friends.

Jul 24, - Some reasons to tighten up your guy-friend game. Female friendships are a lot more complicated and draining, to say the least. Girls have.

It's challenging enough to make new gal pals , but just how do you go about adding a few dudes to your roster of friends? While I do adore seriously, beyond adore my girlfriends, there's something a guy friend that's unlike anything else. Guy friends—at least mine—are wonderful about giving straight forward advice. Sure, sometimes their blunt approaches can sting, but in the end I think it's worth it.

Why You Should Be Careful With The Guy Who Has No Male Friends

One of the best ways to really get an idea of who a person is, is by looking at their friends. If he only hangs out with women, you need to be careful. Do you really want to date a guy like that?

23 Things That Girls With Mostly Guy Friends Understand






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