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Edna " E " Mode is one of the major characters in The Incredibles. She returned in Incredibles 2. Edna Mode is a half-Japanese, half-German fashion designer and auteur. Known for her short stature and habit of calling everyone "dahling", she is highly accomplished at her craft and as demanding of others as she is of herself. Above all things, Edna Mode despises supermodels, "Spoilt, silly little stick figures", partly because they are too limiting - they show her clothes only on the perfect conditions of the catwalk, and only for one type of person - the supermodel. They certainly don't allow her to showcase her talents or use her imagination to its fullest.

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WE had only just met, but John Travolta, big and handsome and hypnotic, was fondling the lapel of my navy blue blazer. Disarming, but doubtful. When it comes to appearances, Mr. Travolta seems to think of everything. His hair was precisely deployed in a center part flip, which made his bangs look like quotation marks framing his face. Before filming he had costumers, special makeup-effects people, even prop masters repeatedly revising their work to achieve the look he imagined in housedresses, fat suits and irons.

He did not want to resemble a refrigerator or Jabba the Hutt, he said, but Sophia Loren with a couple of hundred extra pounds. And he got his wish: His Edna, unlike the greasy Gorgon created by Divine in the John Waters original or the Kabuki hausfrau rendered so memorably by Harvey Fierstein in the Broadway musical adaptation, has cleavage and a waist and a kind of geologic sex appeal.

Which would be nothing but a charming detail were it not for the controversy that had recently arisen about his taking the role of Edna in the first place. Naff added that Mr. Ron Hubbard, Mr. Travolta was not at all defensive about any of this.

Asked about Mr. Perhaps, but Mr. Travolta certainly is. He became a movie star on the basis of a physicality so intense — and so specific to each role — that it almost seemed choreographed.

Lull is too mild a word, though, for the death-defying plunges in quality, box-office results or both that have usually followed his biggest successes. Travolta has repeatedly diminished his critical capital and stymied audiences with movies whose redeeming qualities were hard to discern.

Still, it is perhaps the most filmworthy stage musical in decades, combining great characters, a strong story and a flawless pop Broadway score. Surprising, then, that Mr. Travolta, now 53, took 14 months to agree to make it, stringing along the producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, like lovesick freshmen at Rydell High.

But it was not, after all, self-evident casting. Edna is not the lead in the story; her daughter, Tracy, moves the action. She is also, for all her heft, a dainty creation, not Mr. Zadan and Mr. Meron knew how painfully deliberate he could be in selecting projects. But they were wrong about what those concerns were. Travolta said. There was no film precedent for this approach to Edna. What Mr. Without saying yes, Mr. Motherliness too. I adore other people.

I can make a fuss over you like nobody can. Having grown up the youngest of six children in a bohemian working-class family in Englewood, N. Loren, Anna Magnani, Anita Ekberg. Not grandmas or Aunt Bee from Mayberry, but the kind of person a blue-collar woman would aspire to be if she had money. What if that kind of woman had gone to flesh? A more naturalistic, filmic Edna, not flamboyant or stagy Mr.

Musicals are the most difficult genre outside of westerns and sci-fi to put on the screen. He was not shy about promoting his agenda. He wanted assurances that the Broadway score would not be ruined in translation, as so often happens, and that he would not be the only big star on the bill. He requested, and got, Christopher Walken as his husband and Michelle Pfeiffer as the villainess.

She basically becomes Tina Turner in the finale. Even with all this pinned down, he held out until faced with an absolute deadline. On that day Mr. Travolta accepted a much smaller fee than usual, and a compensatory cut of the gross, in deference to the enormous cost of producing a musical. Interpreting such choices is in any case a tricky business because there is something irregular about stars that made them stars in the first place.

No accident that pride of place on a mantel in Mr. His every move reflects a private survey of his resources and a need to exploit them as effectively as possible. That he has sometimes failed is the sign of an imperfectly questing human nature. Whatever Scientology teaches, he never raised the subject on the set. Shankman asked. As Mr. Vile characters like Vincent Vega are leavened with pathos or humor; lightweights like Edna are deepened with sex and sadness. If this disturbs people who prefer sharper definition, you get the sense that it thrills Mr.

Travolta a little too much. After our conversation, as a photographer snapped and a stylist micromanaged his bangs, he moved so easily and without prompting from one pose to another, shifting onto his toes as if to bunny hop or turning up his wrists with timid excitement, it seemed that all the business of the fat suits and the four hours of makeup each day had not been a way of finding Edna so much as a way of delaying and controlling the process by which he became her.

Watching the movie, you understand why, because John Travolta is utterly gone, as if Edna had swallowed him whole. Home Page World U.


Edna "E" Mode [1] [2] [3] is a fictional character in Pixar 's animated superhero film The Incredibles and its sequel Incredibles 2 She is an eccentric fashion designer renowned for designing the costumes of several famous superheroes, having worked particularly closely with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl Bob and Helen Parr , with whom she has maintained a strong friendship. When the couple resumes their superheroic careers after fifteen years, Edna is summoned out of retirement to aid both characters, first by equipping Mr. Incredible with a new costume and then by restoring Elastigirl's confidence in herself as a superheroine.

WE had only just met, but John Travolta, big and handsome and hypnotic, was fondling the lapel of my navy blue blazer. Disarming, but doubtful.

Halloween is the time of year when you can tap into your Disney side and pretend to be some of your favorite characters for a night. D23 may not be a fairy godmother who can make your costume magically appear, but we can point you in the direction of a different trove of wonders untold: your closet! Below are 13 magical, silly, or just plain scary Halloween costume ideas that you can make with items you can find in your own closet! Bert and Mary Poppins Mary Poppins If you want your Halloween to be a Jolly Holiday , grab a friend and get ready to make your trick or treating practically perfect! For Mary , put on a coat, your most proper bow tie, and stick some flowers in your hat.

Seeking His Inner Her, Size XXXL

Buzz Lightyear is a putz. I know my Buzz Lightyear action figure broke down in a few short months, and I assure you I was no Sid growing up. Trust me, I know from experience: Buzz Lightyear has the kind of mass-produced karate chop action you can buy from any dollar store toy aisle. But Enda Mode? Edna Mode is one of a kind. A sassy, mixed-race senior citizen with talent and drive, Edna is a damn powerhouse. Unlike Buzz, she knows her strengths, and the exact moment to apply them. Buzz is slightly less than the sum of his parts, but Edna has the rare ability to conceive of ever better parts. Edna mode stands for durability, for quality.

13 Last-Minute Disney Character Costumes for a Magical Halloween

It is being so desperate in looking for work that you show up at Edna's Employment Agency where her team of charlatans, ne'er-do-wells, and screwups probably won't find you a job, but they will find you some laughs as they loudly discuss their sex lives, fake drug tests, break into the office, burn down the office, dig donuts out of the trash, get punched in the face, make fun of resumes, drag coworkers into the restroom, hide under desks, get drunk, look for better jobs themselves, treat cancer as a bad excuse for missing work, plot their way through office politics using bagels, take smoke breaks during their smoke breaks, watch training videos from the s, use copious amounts of profanity to prepare for meetings, engage in slapstick to express their status, war against the I. You'll meet them all in Edna's Employment Agency, the book you shouldn't bring to a job interview because you're dressed nicely, so you don't want to piss yourself laughing. If you like television shows such as The Office and Parks And Recreation, then you likely will enjoy this novel of workplace humor. Edna's Employment Agency is the fourth novel by Wred Fright. More info about the author and his books can be found at Wredfright.

I think I picked this up for the cover.

Savannah Rain was born in Southern California on February 24, Her World War II era parents emigrated from Europe and thus this poet writes from a perspective sometimes different from the purely American perspective. However, many other works by this author are written from the perspective of the rural lifestyle, which this author enjoys when not traveling. This poet can be reached directly via email at sereenanightshade yahoo.

‘Incredibles’ Edna Mode is based on these fashion mavens

Dancing Nightly in the Tavern , Mark Anthony Jarman's impressive debut collection of nine short stories, presents characters assembled from the depths of the local bars, under the influence, on the run, out of work. They are infused with a dark smoke drawn from the raw side of life—stained, imperfect, energetic and earthy—and fueled by a desire to endure. With language that is sharp, fluid and uniquely lyrical, Jarman explores the circumstances of drifting, destinations unknown. A seductive read.

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By Gregory E. June 14, pm Updated June 15, am. Director and screenwriter Brad Bird always took issue with one comic-book trope. Were we really to believe that Peter Parker was bent over a sewing machine, whipping up his Spidey suit? Edna Mode, with her acerbic one-liners spit from a pint-size frame, was an instant fan favorite. Featured only briefly in the movie, she made enough of an impact to be asked to present the Best Costume Design Oscar alongside Pierce Brosnan and a little TV magic.

The Tournament of Pixar, Final Round: Edna Mode vs. Buzz Lightyear

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Edna Mode Wig and Glasses - The Incredibles. Kit Edna adulte.. La plus grande boutique de I totally dress like Edna Mode, you guys. With a side of Merida.

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