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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc. Social media is both a blessing and a curse in this day and age. While it can help us keep in contact with others and get instant updates on events, social media can have an interesting effect on relationships. Should I check his favorites or not?

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Not surprisingly, some reports say that there are as many as 20 million fake Twitter accounts. While I use social media management tools to easily clean up my stream, at times I like to see how easy it is to spot a fake Twitter account.

When you are growing your Twitter account , it is important to pay attention to those you are following. While there are some obvious tell-tale signs, some users are making it tougher to decipher if they are real or fake. I know there are sites that supposedly can do this for you, but what is the fun in that? Here are some of the things I look for when determining whether or not a Twitter account is fake.

By egghead, I am referring to the Twitter user in question not taking the time to upload a profile image. Most real people will upload some sort of profile image. While not every egghead is a fake or bot account, this is typically a sign of a lazy person. Or a bot. You decide. While this move might be a step up from being an egghead, most fake accounts get this wrong. They either use stock images or a profile image shared by other fake accounts.

To do this you can right click on the profile image and copy the link location. Paste the URL and find out if others are using this same image. For example, see how many times this Twitter profile image is used by others. An empty Twitter bio is almost a dead giveaway that the profile you are looking at is a dud.

Skipping over this is typically a sign of not only laziness, but a tell-tale sign the account is almost certainly fake. While there is no doubt some excessive self promotion on Twitter, some accounts constantly tweet the same thing. Odds are a human is not behind each of those tweets, and better yet it is a sign of someone who does not use automation effectively. This is an easy one. There are multiple things to look for in a screen name. Viewing this URL you will see that while this profile has many red flags, the first and last name listed in the profile has no direct relation to the URL.

While, not all profiles will have a direct relation, most of the time if the URL does not even contain legitimate words or phrases, it is a common sign the profile was automatically generated via software and not a human. Most of the time fake Twitter accounts simply spew off tweets that directly benefit themselves, like linking directly to their site.

However, there are many fake accounts that simply post gibberish or random incoherent thoughts that make absolutely no sense. Back in the earlier, wild-west days of Twitter, automation was manipulated quite a bit. However, as Twitter has evolved their API access and rules, previous bots and some of their automation no longer work. An easy way to spot this is in accounts that have not tweeted in months or even years. Looking at the time stamp of the most recent tweets, you can get a good idea of the Twitter account is no longer active.

For example, the Twitter account in the image above has not tweeted since Twitter has limits on certain things you can do. For example, how many people you can follow. This limit is set to 2, Once you follow 2, people, you must have at least 2, people following you back before you can exceed the 2, limit. A common limitation of bots is that they are not smart enough to manage their following restrictions to get around this limitation. Therefore, many fake accounts get stuck on following 2, users.

So if your account has 2, users following it, then theoretically you can follow approximately 2, users. Accounts that show no signs of interaction with others are often fake accounts.

Social media is meant to be a two-way conversation. Those accounts who simply do not interact with others is often a sign of a bot account. The quick way to find out if there is interaction with other users is to simply view recent tweets by the user. Another common sign of a bot account is an account that does not tend to have anyone following the account back.

This is commonly seen with accounts that are following 2, users but only have a handful of accounts following back. While there are a number of reasons someone may not want to follow an account, chances are in this case it is due to the account not being worth one to follow. Twitter users are becoming smarter at whether or not someone deserves to be followed back.

Ensure your account gains followers by being active, sharing, and interacting with your followers. A great way to increase engagement and interaction is by sharing social media memes.

No doubt automation has its place in Twitter when used responsibly. I mean, who has the time to tweet , times? In the image above you can see how tweeting this often did wonders for increasing the amount of followers for this account. There you have it, my 11 tips on how to spot a fake Twitter account. Do you use any of these methods? What did I miss? Be sure to sound off in the comments below on your favorite tips on spotting fake Twitter accounts.

Great tips for Twitter newbies. Thanks for the comment Debi. Most definitely. Over time, you will be able to do most of these without even thinking about it. Great article. These follower-bots are created to act like real person following other users, writing tweets and retweet content.

Spotting a follower-bot can be nearly impossible. They steal information from real person accounts to make them look real. I agree. The blackhat market is usually a step or two ahead of most when it comes to gaming the system. Once they get caught, they look for newer, more creative ways to do it. Bot account scrapers are also a good one as you noted.

One way to spot these is to view the bio of accounts, run a search and see who else has the exact same bio. Yep, buying followers does no good as most are always fake accounts. Thanks for the great comment, I appreciate it! Chris I gave a question-if u feel there is a duplicate account can 1 have the blue check mark as for celebrities for example and another with the exact same bio and profile and tweets beith a black ball be the same owner or another?

Chris, A correction on the stuck at following. Been there. Otherwise, very informative for people. Can a fake twitter account find a way to fake calendar dates? There is one I reported as spam, as I think I know where it originated. It had tweets going back 6 months and all the signs you mention.

What I m wondering is could someone fake the dates. Because, if it is who I think itvis, the activity would be starting only a month ago. Hi Ursula, thanks for commenting. I am not aware of how to fake dates? Can you link to the Twitter account? However, on the right side of this acct, right above tweet activity, there is a round blocked symbol, with a red line diagonally across it. Or it means they are just blocked from me. Interesting, 24 hours after I joined Twitter with an acct, my acct. No rules broken, think it was a glitch.

I appealed and they reinstated in 24 hours. I looked at the account and I do not see the blocked symbol. The good news is that you can get reinstated most of the time…especially if you did not do anything wrong.

This person even told me only two accounts were actually him and to delete any others and asked if I had deleted the others yet. What is verified badge on their account please?! I have sand situation as the lady above Thanks HB. If the account is verified, you will see a checkmark symbol next to their name.

Chris, Thanks for the handy tool to check followers. Some of the things you mentioned I was aware of but you gave some new ones that will help me.

I believe I may have been a victim of someone on here. I am fairly new using Twitter. Person had multiple numbers attached to their name etc.

Scary stuff for me!

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Friends are chosen family, and therefore incredibly valued in each of our lives. Friends are the sisters and brothers we never had, and are by our side in any given situation. We know our friends deserve something phenomenal to celebrate them for a special occasion or to simply brighten their day just because. I t may be difficult to put into words how thankful you are for your friend.

Look, we get it. The central premise of this article sounds absurd.

If life during quarantine is mundane and still, Tiger King on Netflix is anything but. The seven-episode docuseries delves into the eccentric and bewildering world of big-cat owners in the United States with a spotlight on Joe Exotic—really named Joseph Maldonado-Passage —an exotic-animal fanatic who runs an Oklahoma roadside zoo, has multiple husbands, makes under-the-radar country music, and sustains a brutal, longtime rivalry with animal rights activist Carole Baskin. And that's putting it lightly. Since Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness started streaming on March 20, viewers have been strapping in for the wild ride and spewing out reactions on social media—and rightfully so.

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From fighting armies of bots to quashing rumours about posting his beard hair to rapper Azealia Banks, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey leads an unusual life of luxury. Dorsey has had a turbulent career in Silicon Valley. After cofounding Twitter in , he was booted as the company's CEO two years late r , but returned in having set up his second company, Square. Since then, he has led the company through the techlash that has engulfed social media companies, at one point testifying before Congress alongside Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. His latest threat comes from Elliott Management , an activist investor seeking Dorsey's removal from Twitter, per Bloomberg reporting. The firm holds substantial stock in Twitter and four board seats. Dorsey has elsewhere provoked his fair share of controversy and criticism, extolling fasting and ice baths as part of his daily routine.

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A couple of years later, a coworker told me he was meeting new people through Twitter, which was very confusing for me. I thought Twitter was this terrible, troll-filled place where people were just constantly enraged and everything was about politics, sports, or pop culture. Why would you ever meet someone on Twitter? It took me a while to understand. Of all the new people I meet, about half of them I first connect with on Twitter.

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link.

Not surprisingly, some reports say that there are as many as 20 million fake Twitter accounts. While I use social media management tools to easily clean up my stream, at times I like to see how easy it is to spot a fake Twitter account. When you are growing your Twitter account , it is important to pay attention to those you are following. While there are some obvious tell-tale signs, some users are making it tougher to decipher if they are real or fake.

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Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Each generation has or will experience events that cause division among us; perhaps it is human nature. As individuals, we decide how we choose to navigate our differences whether it is politics, gender, nationality or race.

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But what to say? It all depends on the unique relationship you have with your BFF. Looking for more hilarious ideas? See our big list of funny birthday messages. Here are a few birthday messages tailored to a female best friend. Still looking for the perfect way to say Happy Birthday to your best friend? See this list of short birthday wishes.

Rounding up the funniest jokes about the coronavirus from Twitter, My bf's Zooms w his guy friends are like "wow king that homemade.

Managing your social media presence has, for billions of people around the world, become a part of everyday life. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all become platforms to communicate messages and thoughts, create movements, and share a part of the world around you. Photos, videos, text, captions, and posts—all of it works together to promote your thoughts, messages, and ideas across a wide spectrum of mediums. In the digital age, social connections have never been more important. These networks are all used to provoke change, push ideas and movements, break news as it happens, and send information across a variety of spectrums.

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