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Girl meets world fanfiction bullying

How do you know so much about this, Zay? Well, back in Texas, we call this a Wednesday. Oh, and I took some cereal. Pebblemist is Hamiltrash Riley was weird.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World- Riley admits she has a bully (emotional scene) - Girl Meets Rileytown

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World- Lucas finds out someone's been bullying Riley - Girl Meets Rileytown

Girl Meets World Fanfics

Riley Matthews was sleeping in her bedroom and it was AM in the morning. Maya Hart her best friend climbed in her bedroom window, but Riley was still asleep. Then Maya gently rubbed Riley's back and said you up sweetie? Riley didn't answer her best friend. Then Maya removed the blanket from her best friend and she saw her best friend crying. Honey what's the matter? Maya asked Riley. Oh Honey it's going to be okay Maya said as she wrapped her arms around Riley and rubbed her back.

I'm being bullied sobbed Riley and then she buried her head in Maya's shirt. Maya then hugged Riley and rubbed her back. It's going to be okay said Maya I'm here for you Riley who's bullying you asked Maya. A very mean guy said Riley. I don't want to go to school said Riley. I know you don't Honey said Maya. I will be there and I will protect you I promise said Maya. Maya you're already dressed said Riley. Yeah I am said Maya. I'll get dressed and I'll be with you to go to school in five minutes said Riley.

When they arrived at school. A mean bully who was a guy in the high school walked up to Riley and hit her and pulled her hair and Riley screamed. Then her best friend Maya walked up to the bully and yelled the following words. Maya gave the bully a mean look and scared the bully and she showed her fists and then Maya yelled to the bully the following words,.

Then the bully said to Riley, you're a bitch! Then Maya said to Riley, Riley stand behind me and then Maya yelled the following words,. Cory Matthews saw the bully chasing His daughter and her best friend and he yelled the following words,. The bully knocked Maya over and then he grabbed Riley and pulled her hair and Riley screamed.

Then Cory managed to get his daughter out of the bully's hands and then Maya got up and she said to Cory, Mr. Matthews I was trying to protect Riley. You too go to the nurse said Cory. Riley honey it's okay it's all over said Maya. I'm scared said Riley. I know you are honey said Maya. But we need to go see the nurse to make sure we are all right. Maya hugged Riley and Riley cried in her arms. Shh Shh honey it's going to be okay said Maya. When they were in the nurses office the nurse checked to make sure they were all right and then sent them back to class.

I know Mr. Matthews I promised her I would. Good said Cory. When it was lunchtime Riley forgot to bring a lunch. Maya I didn't bring a lunch said Riley.

That's okay Riles I have 2 slices of pizza you can half one of my slices of pizza said Maya. Thank you said Riley. You're welcome said Maya. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Riley is being bullied at school. Maya protects Riley when she's at school. Riley kept hiding in the blankets. Riley, honey, are you okay sweetheart Maya asked. I'm feeling depressed Maya said Riley.

I don't want to eat anything Maya said Riley. But Riley it's not healthy for you to not eat. What's going on Riles? I'm glad you're going to school said Maya. Maya are you proud of me for coming to school asked Riley. Yes I am, I'm very proud of you said Maya. I love you Maya said Riley. I love you too Riley said Maya as she gave her a hug. Maya do you love me very much asked Riley? Yeah said Maya with a smile. Is that a yes asked Riley.

Yes Riley I love you very much said Maya. Oh Maya said Riley as she rested her head on Maya's shoulder. Maya what happened to the bully asked Riley. He got arrested and he's in jail said Maya.

Riley you won't have to worry about that bully again he won't bother you anymore said Maya. You promise asked Riley. I promise said Maya. I love you too Riley said Maya. The End. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

Rileys bully girl meets world

I own nothing but the story And as she opened her mouth to call for help again she felt the side of the face slam against the lockers. He had smacked her, hard. She began to cry and heard a door swing open, seeing a very angry face.

Once they figure it out, they decide to hide it from Lucas because they're afraid of how he'll react to it. But, what happens when he does find out? They'd all started realizing it a few days ago.

I had been thinking about doing this before and I got sudden inspiration to start in rewatching the last few episodes of GMW. This particular one is around the time Topanga is considering London. Some of the events in here will be slightly AU, but it really depends on each separate entry. Why is everyone so afraid of change? Why am I so afraid of change?

mistletoe (rilaya fanfic)

Featuring a clueless Maya and a lovesick Riley. It was Christmas Eve at the Matthews residence and Riley and Maya were cuddling in bed, having their annual Christmas movie binge watching night. Maya looked up at her fondly. The brunette pushed herself up on her elbows and sat up properly. Maya shook her head quickly. This question definitely came out of nowhere, she thought. Her best friend nodded in acknowledgment in silence. Does somebody miss their cowboy? We can always FaceTime Lucas!

You can't escape me! I felt that I didn't deserve all of that praise. Yes, I enjoyed writing it. But it wasn't written from the heart. His Moment was written because of the lack of Liley stories on FF.

This story is sort of out of character but whatever. Below is a character description of some OC's Picture links are in my bio.

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Riley Matthews was sleeping in her bedroom and it was AM in the morning. Maya Hart her best friend climbed in her bedroom window, but Riley was still asleep. Then Maya gently rubbed Riley's back and said you up sweetie?

Riley woke up and then went to shower and then get dressed. After she was done she went down stairs to eat breakfast with her family. When they heard "Maya" Riley went over and pushed the button to let her in then sat down to finish eating breakfast when Maya walked in she goes" hello losers. Matthews " Maya breakfast. Matthews shakes her head no then when both girls were done Maya " ready for 8th grade? They walked into school and the went different ways to their lockers.

A couple of bruises isn't a big deal , Farkle kept thinking to himself in class. It's just a couple of bruises, you can't even see them. He felt a bead of sweat drip off his eyebrow and onto his hand. They were having an Indian summer. Just when it started to get cool again, they were hit with an eighty degree week and the school's air conditioning was busted. Farkle winced, accidentally brushing a particularly nasty bruise against his desk. Matthews said. He wordlessly followed Mr.

r/GirlMeetsWorld: This is a subreddit for all those who are fans of the Disney Channel Original Series, **Girl Meets World**. The follow up to .

Im afraid to read the review before seeing it but I'd love to see it. How can I watch it early? I think Christian intended to drop the link at the beginning of the post where he said "this link. In the same boat as you. Thanks for the link.

Everything was normal for Riley Monday morning, She gets up and gets dressed in a floral dress and black booties. She does her makeup like usual and grabs her bag and walks into the kitchen to join her family for breakfast. She buzzes Maya in and they all eat breakfast. Riley and Maya head out the door to the subway going to school and meet up with Farkle and Lucas at her locker.






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