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Get friends on wechat

Have you ever had a feeling which you wanna talk with someone, when you were boring? At that time, let's use Find Friends!! You can find your best friends on WeChat. Find Friends! Description Details Versions.

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WeChat: The Hidden Features

WeChat is a great way to keep in touch with friends and other contacts. There are different ways you can add friends onto this app. Have a look at options specified here for WeChat 4. Wait for the friend to confirm your request. This is also possible for adding on anyone whose WeChat QR code is visible.

Use any of these two methods —. The Look Around function helps you add people who are close to your location to your WeChat list. While this option comes handy if you have many friends located near but on flip side other people within same location can also find you and once you enable it the option cannot be cancelled.

Anyone located nearby will also be able to see 10 recent photos in your album. Click on one item for viewing.

If the person is interested in adding you then he accepts the greetings and his WeChat profile is added on to your list. Hold phone and shake it. In seconds the app suggests names of people who have also shaken their phone at same time.

Anyone interested in the content can respond and start sharing content with you. Make your own QT code visible to friends so that they can send you friend request on WeChat. In this guide find 8 different possible ways to Add Friends on WeChat social communication app.

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Talking to beautiful strangers on WeChat is the road to ruin

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WeChat is a great way to keep in touch with friends and other contacts. There are different ways you can add friends onto this app.

WeChat is the biggest social media platform in China, with over million monthly users. It is primarily an instant messaging app however there are many more features than just instant messaging. The process is very similar to Whatsapp, in that you need to download the WeChat app from the app store iTunes, Google Play etc. Tap the space beside the speaker icon and your keyboard becomes accessible! You can add friends a few ways.

How to Discover and Add Unknown Friends on WeChat

Alright, if you want to leverage WeChat as a pillar of your marketing in China then you better know the app well and how Chinese consumers are actually using it every single day. Moments is another key feature you should pay a lot of attention to because it is where users pay most of their attention to apart from chatting. You can think of moments kind of like Facebook newsfeed but not as open. Alright, WeChat Time Capsule is actually very new and interesting feature its kind of like Snapchat story which allows you to film a short clip that stays up a period of 24 hours for your friends to see. WeChat Time Capsule allows you to capture a second video of your day and then all your friend will get a notification in their moments of your new Time Capsule within the Time Capsule list. The cool thing about WeChat Time Capsule is that the notification will appear 1 in the chat as a blue bubble on the top left corner beside the menu toggle. Two is that it appears on the very top of your moments and the notification will stay there until you clear all the new Time Capsules. WeChat group is kind of like Facebook group, although to be honest, it is not nearly as robust as the Facebook group. Pretty much anyone can create a WeChat group and invite their friends to join the group without their permission.

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Moments mainly focuses on sharing pictures with captions, while sharing statuses and sharing websites are also permitted. On 22 August , Moments was updated with the new feature of comments to selected friends. WeChat 4. In September , whether to receive the updating of friends and make private photos public could be decided by users.

WeChat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Bored with regular routines and looking for some friends to hangout? If you are living in China then WeChat will make that task easier for you. Searching known as well as unknot friends is easier in WeChat app. Here we will explain 11 ways to find friends in WeChat iPhone app.

How to use WeChat

WeChat is a free messaging app with calls feature which allows user to easily connect with family and friends across the globe. There are many ways to add your friends in WeChat. In this tutorial, we will list down all the 7 ways to add your friends.

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A picture illustration shows a WeChat app icon in Beijing, December 5, WeChat is amazing. I use the popular instant messaging service provided by Tencent every day because it satisfies almost all my needs: information, entertainment, and of course, social networking. My WeChat friends include not only acquaintances. Of my nearly friends, one-third are strangers, whom I happened to link up with through other people because of shared interests, such as stock trading, marathon running or news analysis. That was why one day when I got a request from someone with a poetic name and a photo showing a young beautiful woman to add her as a friend, I just clicked "add" without giving a second thought.

How do I add WeChat friends?

My friend and I are currently in Shanghai trying to get verified for WeChat - can anyone help on how to do this? Find one or more current WeChat users who meet the conditions below Doesn't need to be WeChat friend. Signed up for WeChat over 1 month ago if they are an international user or over 6 months ago if they are a China Mainland user. Why want to use wechat? You can only communicate with other wechat users, so apparently know pwople with wechat. Why not ask them?

Note: WeChat does not support restoring previously deleted friends. However, you can add them again via WeChat ID, mobile number or scanning their QR.

Are you an active person that hopes to make more friends with others? Do you want to add unknown friends? Here is a good news for you that it is possible to do it on WeChat now. Sounds crazy, right? Except adding known contacts on WeChat , WeChat also provides you some features to get know about the unknown people.

11 Ways to Find Friends in WeChat iPhone App

What you will also quickly discover in WeChat is that you will be included in lots of big groups that, while often very useful, can be very active and leave you with hundreds of notifications if you leave your phone for 10 minutes! So, it is sometimes useful to turn off notifications for certain groups or chats. The search function can be very useful in lots of different ways! Sometimes you will get messages in Chinese and, unless you can read Chinese characters fluently, this can be a problem.

Are you familiar with WeChat? WeChat is one of the biggest chat apps in China, currently boasting over a billion users. With WeChat, not only can you send messages to friends, but you can also do other things like buying train tickets, movie tickets and transferring money to friends.

Making new friends nowadays might seem easier with the help of social media allowing you to connect with others who share similar interests. But when a university module assignment requires you to make 1, new social media friends, the task might be quite daunting instead.

WeChat is all this and much more. On this platform you can also meet new friends, make online payments to obtain services, or send money to other users. This article will only deal with the use of the application for a private user, allowing for the discovery of the functions it has available. Installing this app is really easy, and it can be found in practically all marketplaces including Play Store, App Store, and various Chinese markets. The platform runs on all the most popular operating systems such as Android, IOS, Windows phone and others.



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