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Find someone to marry for citizenship

Vanessa Fong. Stanford University Press , 1 aug. In , Vanessa Fong offered a groundbreaking ethnographic exploration of the social, economic, and psychological development of children born since China's one-child policy was introduced in Her book Only Hope left readers with a picture of stressed, ambitious adolescents for whom elite status was the ultimate goal, though relatively few were in a position to achieve it. While earning a prestigious college education in China is the main path to elite status, study abroad provides an alternative channel by offering a particularly flexible "developed world" citizenship. This flexible citizenship promises the potential for greater happiness and freedom afforded by transnational mobility, but also brings with it unexpected suffering, ambivalence, and disappointment.

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Until Citizenship Do We Part: How People Pull off Green Card Marriages

For years, the stereotype of marrying a foreigner for a green card has been prevalent in the Western world. In modern Western culture, it is assumed that someone from an emerging economy marrying a. Nor do I particularly recommend seeking out foreigners for citizenship status.

Heck, with so many tax requirements, who wants to acquire US citizenship or even a green card anyway? However, the stereotypical process of marrying a foreigner for a visa or a green card can go both ways. One common misconception is that marrying a foreigner gives you citizenship immediately: this is only true in rare cases, and generally only in random countries.

Instead, marrying a citizen generally gives you the ability to obtain residency in their country. In the wealthiest countries, such as Canada and Ireland, marriage only gives you a reason to live in the country and become naturalized the same way as everyone else. This can mean years of maintaining a substantial presence in the country and paying taxes.

In some other countries, however, marriage to a local offers a fast track that reduces the timeline to naturalization. You generally still need to put in some time there, but it could be far less substantial and may not even require you to pay a lot of taxes. Brazil has a very good passport and allows dual citizenship.

With a relatively unpublicized residency by investment program, Brazil offers foreigners a bureaucratic, yet straightforward process if you have some money to invest in the country. However, those who have a Brazilian spouse qualify to apply for a second citizenship after just one year of uninterrupted residence in the country.

While it may not sound classy, have immediate family ties entitles you to Brazilian citizenship within one year. That means citizenship by marriage is possible, just as it is by giving birth or adopting a child.

Simply being married to a native Brazilian can be equally beneficial for claiming a second passport. Israel has somewhat complicated laws when it comes to living there and becoming a citizen as a spouse of a Jewish person, but they still have a lot to offer passport-wise.

An Israeli passport does restrict you from traveling to most of the Middle East, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and living in Israel comes with a high tax burden. However, it is an above average travel document for the right person.

Though things can get a bit difficult due to bureaucracy, you can be granted residence in Spain only after a year of living and paying taxes there. Legal residents of Spain are subject to the same type of colonoscopy-by-the-taxman charade that US citizens are, and becoming a naturalized Spaniard through residence is a pain. Naturalization in Spain is a highly bureaucratic process and usually requires ten years of solid residence in the country.

The tax burden for those ten years could be quite high. However, those married to a. Spanish citizen are able to apply for Spanish citizenship after just one year of tax residence in the country. And a Spanish passport is an excellent travel document offering freedom of movement in the EU. As in neighboring Spain, Portugal requires those who obtain Portuguese residency to live in the country for at least six years before applying for a passport.

However, those married to a Portuguese citizen can apply for naturalization more quickly. However, while the process is often easier on foreigner spouses, naturalization does require you to learn some of the Portuguese language and have ties to the country. Marry a Mexican citizen and apply for naturalization after just two years. As the spouse of a Mexican, you are entitled to apply for naturalization after just two years of living with that spouse in Mexico. While the United States government and many US persons may have convinced you that Mexico is a dirt poor country everyone is clamoring to get out of, plenty of people are moving there, including many US persons.

The Mexican passport is a pretty good travel document, ranking as one of the 25 best passports in the world with visa-free access to countries, including the entire Schengen Area of Europe.

Want to be a citizen of Poland? You will have to spend at least two years there, pay taxes and know the language. Unlike Ireland, Poland is a conservative country that does not recognize gay marriage or civil unions, so you will need to be legally married. In addition to being married for three years, you must actually spend the majority of two years in Poland. There is no technical language requirement to obtain Polish citizenship by marriage, which is surprisingly as the government has nearly mandated that citizens by descent speak Polish.

However, two years of living in Poland should help you learn some of the language. If you come from another Latin country, you can obtain Colombian citizenship in about a year after marrying a Colombian. Colombia is the second freest economy in South America, a continent with endless opportunity.

However, you can speed up the year-long process by marrying a Colombian citizen. By marriage, the timeline is shortened to only two years to obtain Colombian citizenship. You will have to be married for five years to be eligible to apply for Swiss citizenship, but the perks you get with it are innumerable.

Perhaps one of the most sought after second citizenships or first citizenships, for that matter on earth,. You may remember that Tina Turner recently relinquished her US citizenship to become Swiss after fulfilling a rather long twelve year residency requirement. Getting a Swiss passport through permanent residence alone is a slow process. However, the simplified naturalization process allows for spouses of Swiss nationals to apply for citizenship after five years of marriage, so long as they live in the confederation.

That means no more being late for meetings. It is also possible to qualify while residing outside of Switzerland, but that process takes an extra year. Belize is also an English-speaking country and has a low population count, meaning you can easily pass as Belizean when traveling.

Even been to Belgrade? So, how do you become a Serbian citizen through marriage? As with many such countries, the rules on how much time you actually need to live in Serbia are rather nebulous and not always enforced, but they are generally less strict than western countries that count every day.

Want to become Ukranian? Great, you can do that after a couple of years, but you will have to renounce your previous citizenship.

Ukraine has a fast track naturalization process for foreigners married to Ukrainian citizens, reducing the timeline to citizenship from five years to only two.

However, Ukraine technically does not allow dual citizenship, meaning you are likely to be asked to renounce your current citizenship before claiming a Ukrainian passport. Of note, however, should be the slow speeds at which many citizenship applications are processed. As always, the quoted timelines are the requirements to APPLY, not to be approved and handed your new passport.

Marrying a Cape Verde citizen will allow you to get their citizenship right away, should you so desire. If you want the fastest second passport by marriage, the African country Cape Verde may be your best option. Unlike other countries, both men and women can qualify for a passport through this method.

Of course, this is not without its own set of challenges. First, the population of Cape Verde is barely , people, meaning a limited number of romantic contenders. Second, Cape Verde is an archipelago far off the west African coast, making it hard to get to and making living a pain. Oh, and most of the population speaks Portuguese. That said, if you can manage to find a Cape Verde citizen somewhere — perhaps in Portugal — you can get married and then immediately skip the five-year naturalization path and obtain your citizenship almost immediately.

However, citizenship could be a nice cherry on top of an otherwise fulfilling relationship with someone you met in your Nomad lifestyle. The Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute prolific offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of success.

The Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute prolific offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of successWould you like to be next?

Dateline: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This may be one of the most important messages you hear from me Dateline: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Getting a passport from your home country can be difficult enough No thank you. I am happily unmarried and plan to keep it that way. Being married is the opposite of being a nomad. Though the idea of second citizenship by being responsible for a child in that country is interesting.

This is the first time I have heard of it. It is worth exploring further. Does any country other than Brazil offer it? There are other countries, namely those where children acquire citizenship of the soil. Colombian citizenship is given to those born there provided one part is a resident or citizen, and the process is expedited for parents of a Colombian.

My Dad is a Spanish citizen. Is it possible that his kids could become citizens as well? Just a question?? Looking forward in reading a post about citizen by descent! Do you have to get married as recognized by government, papers and all OR just living with a Mexican girl for two years.

What constitutes a spouse in Mexico. Because I will tell you, nowadays, many Mexicans are choosing to just live together and raise a family that way, rather than bother with formal and expensive ceremony or ridiculous govenment taxes and fees. Any quick answers? Your story is my story. The third citz by descent was much more difficult but made it happen. A proud nomad here as well. I once had a Swiss Girlfriend and although I though Switzerland was the most beautiful place in terms of natural beauty that ive ever seen the Cost of living there and the snobbish attitude of the locals is hard to imagine going there for anything other than to See the beautiful mountains, lakes and Cheese.

I have noticed that you seem to be very high on Malaysia and claim that it is the Gem of Asia. However, I currently lack the funds to travel there.

How difficult would it be to get secondary citizenship in Scotland with that heritage? Hey man, how are you?

How to Marry a Non-U.S. Citizen

For years, the stereotype of marrying a foreigner for a green card has been prevalent in the Western world. In modern Western culture, it is assumed that someone from an emerging economy marrying a. Nor do I particularly recommend seeking out foreigners for citizenship status.

Congratulations on finding love! Now, where will your happily ever after be set?

The Facebook group Citizen4Me is the perfect place to start. The group lists profiles of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who are U. Jon Kyl R-Ariz. In this country, the biggest marriage pool are U. Silva noted that getting married for the sole purpose of obtaining citizenship is a federal felony.

Immigration Marriage Fraud Laws and Penalties

Marriage to a U. It will likely make you eligible for immigration benefits, but you must file the necessary paperwork with the U. Department of Homeland Security in order to secure the right to remain in the United States. You have the option of becoming a U. The U. We suggest that you read the following pages:. Read this information, then write down your questions. You should also review all of the instructions for the forms you must submit. The instructions include important information not found elsewhere about how to complete each form as well as the numerous supporting documents you will be required to submit with some of the forms.

Red Flags That Make USCIS Suspect Marriage Fraud

The specific requirements for marriage and immigration depend on whether the marriage occurs in Romania or in the United States. It is not possible to obtain an extension of stay in this category. Following your marriage, in order to continue to live and work in the U. Romanian documentary requirements for foreigners wishing to marry a Romanian citizen in Romania: The Government of Romania legally recognizes only civil marriage ceremonies that are performed in the City Hall in the area where the Romanian citizen resides. Many couples also choose to hold a religious ceremony after the completion of the civil ceremony.

Photo by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete. These days, most couples share pictures online, but Garrett and Evelyn not their real names have a special, private folder of photos with the two of them.

You met during your exotic vacation to a faraway land and fell madly in love. It sounds like the plot of a reality series, but it could happen to you. The road to citizenship can be a long one. Each step involves time and lots of documentation.

How Long Must I Be Married to a U.S. Citizen to Get U.S. Citizenship?

Nilufar Ahmed. Routledge , 17 iun. A longitudinal, intersectional study of migrant women, this book examines the lives of first generation Bangladeshi migrants to the UK, considering the dynamic relationship between people and place. Shedding new light on a migrant population about which little is known, the author explores the experiences of women who left rural homes to live in London, speaking no English, with no experience of local customs and having to adjust to what would now be dramatically shrunken family sizes, within which they would act as bearers of culture and tradition.


Thirteen years after her husband was ordered deported back to his native Brazil, the official recognition of their marriage would bring him within a few signatures of being able to call himself an American. With legal papers, they could buy a house and get a bank loan. He could board a plane. They could take their son to Disney World. Clearly, your marriage is real.

Citizenship by Marriage: 13 Passports to get by Marrying a Foreigner

This story is brought to you by Thought Catalog and Quote Catalog. If you were to meet me? British, over-polite, affable. Fraudster, federal law-offender, illegal immigrant. As with most crimes, my motive was admittedly selfish. Or get married. There was a company willing to employ me and I had an American relative who was willing to sponsor me, I pointed out.

They may also find it hard to obtain a U.S. visa in the future. During the green card application process, you, as the U.S. citizen or green card holder, will be the “.








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