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Facebook ios sdk get friends list

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Written by Oscar Salas November 23, Working with social networks inside a mobile app is very common nowadays. The recent versions of iOS have integrated to their SDK the capability to integrate social frameworks like Twitter, Facebook and the latest versions Vimeo. There are many things that could be done with the Facebook framework. So first, let's define what is the Facebook graph API. The Graph API is the principal way to retrieve, post or delete data from the Facebook's social graph.

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User Friendlists

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You can have a look at the previous post for step-by-step guide. Here is an example of initializing a Graph API request that points to the me path with no parameters:. To avoid a lot of ugly code for parsing that dictionary, I highly recommend that we use the SwiftyJSON pod to make the process more smoothly.

To get this, you need to ask for the email permission. Open LoginViewController and add email to the permission array:. Only those that already installed your app will be returned. If there are too many friends, Facebook only returns the first 25 results. The remaining friends can be accessed using the nextPageToken and prevPageToken. You can also change the returned limit to some bigger number instead of just 25 results:.

You can specify custom width and height in the parameters and it will fall down to the closest size that match. For example: If you set width to , it will return To get maximum size, just set width and height to some large numbers:. We then went on to fetch some pieces of user information including: public profile, email, friend list and avatar. I think those information is quite enough for your day-to-day iOS development.

Please notice that this is just scratching the surface. Graph API is a powerful set of APIs that leverage the immense amount of information that billions of Facebook users generate over time. Subscribe to my blog If you think this blog is useful, please subscribe to get notifications on my new posts. Email Address. How to integrate login with Facebook in iOS.

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In response to the concerns over the misuse of user data, the social network has yet again brought in some changes. They have limped its Invitable friends API, breaking apps and games that were supported by that data. All in all, the social channel has now taken the organic growth of apps a lot closer to zero. In simpler words, the social media giant is removing the feature that enabled games to let their users see which of their Facebook friends could be invited to the game.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am using iOS sdk v3.

If you're installing this in a bare React Native app , you should also follow these additional installation instructions. Facebook expo-facebook provides Facebook integration, such as logging in through Facebook, for React Native apps. Registering your app with Facebook. Just look for the information that we ask you for and you will be OK!

Tutorial: Get Facebook Friends using the Facebook SDK in Swift

The ID of this person's user account. This ID is unique to each app and cannot be used across different apps. Our upgrade guide provides more information about app-specific IDs. The age segment for this person expressed as a minimum and maximum age. For example, more than 18, less than The authentication method a Workplace User has configured for their account. It can be either "password" or "sso". The person's birthday. The list of devices the person is using. This will return only iOS and Android devices.

Deprecation Of Facebook Invitable Friends Graph API And Its Impact On Organic Growth

This API is not available in v1. It may be called by mobile games as long as they also have a Canvas presence. Since Graph API v2. You may use the Requests Dialog to invite people to play a game. A ranked list of objects which represent a person's friends who haven't authorized the app and that can be invited via the Requests Dialog.

You can have a look at the previous post for step-by-step guide. Here is an example of initializing a Graph API request that points to the me path with no parameters:.

Augmented reality takes the real world and through the use of graphics, sound and other effects allows you to enhance the environment. It makes a game more real. Your social media app puts you where want to be or go.

How to use Graph API to retrieve Facebook user information in iOS

With this book as your guide, you can write apps that connect to Facebook and Twitter quickly, securely, and discreetly. Instead of starting from scratch, you will build on the vast resources, data storage capacity, and familiar features of these platforms which have become part of everyday life for hundreds of millions of users worldwide. It helps you decide whether to use Facebook, Twitter, or both, and explains the important issues of design, branding, and permissible use guidelines.

Develop Reference ios excel sql-server. Home About Us Contact Us. But in new SDK i can only get the friends which are already using application. How can I get the total facebook friendList? You can't get all friend list on your facebook login account,b'coz of facebook terms and privacy, you can get friend who logged in your Application using facebook sdk, so you just get list only your application user list through facebook sdk.

How do I get friend list or publish a post using Facebook iOS SDK


Aug 20, - Learn how to use the Facebook Graph API in iOS to fetch various user information including: public profile, email address, friend list and user.








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