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A girl child essay

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This page of the essay has words. Download the full version above. When we talk about the rights of the child, we talks about the rights of the person who may not even envisage those rights and who cannot fights for those rights. Therefore the rights of a child are exercised by proxy through the parents, family, society and State. Such violation may be in any form i.

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Save Girl Child Essay for Students and Children | Essay on Save Girl Child

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This page of the essay has words. Download the full version above. When we talk about the rights of the child, we talks about the rights of the person who may not even envisage those rights and who cannot fights for those rights. Therefore the rights of a child are exercised by proxy through the parents, family, society and State. Such violation may be in any form i. One of the major concerns over child rights which is prevailing now a days is Discrimination against girls child.

One of the most inhuman, uncivilized and reprehensible practices is the practice of female feticide. The patriarchal mindset and preference for male children is compounded by unethical conduct on the part of some medical practitioners assisted by unscrupulous parents who illegally offer sex determination services.

The present paper discusses the role of parents as a leader, a torchbearer, a mentor or a guide with love, care and understanding of the child to provide best protection, opportunities and assistance in order to ensure them the best future. Article 6 of the CRC deals with the right to life. Female infanticide is the violation of them right to life. The right to life certainly includes survival issues such as shelter, food, safe water and medical care.

The declining sex ratio in the country has sent shockwaves across all sections of society. It seems that the socio-economic factors are so embedded in the psyche of the people that they even accept wrong ways of life for the sake of economical superiority. Custom, tradition and economic values shape these choices and when resources are meager; these can make a difference between life and death. Significantly, microlevel studies have shown that baby girls are more likely to die in a family where there is no older male sibling, pointing to strong circumstantial evidence of discriminatory care.

Unplanned pregnancy is generally the reason behind abortion. The concern for girl child, who is murdered because she is female, is of growing concern in contemporary society worldwide. Girl children are undesirable in many regions of the world.

In fact, due to the high occurrence of foeticides, infanticides, including newborn neglect and abandonment, the world are currently deprived of over million women.

China and India alone are responsible for 80 million missing females. Another form of eliminating the girl child has been the practice of female infanticide.

It is a deliberate and intentional act of killing a female child within one year of its birth either directly by using poisonous organic and inorganic chemicals or indirectly by deliberate neglect to feed the infant by either one of the parents or other family members or neighbours or by the midwife.

It is unfortunate that the parents also view her as a liability. This attitude is rooted in a complex set of social, cultural, and economic factors. It is the dowry system, lack of economic independence, social customs and traditions that have relegated the female to a secondary status.

Poverty, ignorance of family planning, cost of dowry, etc. The law on infanticide entered into the National legal framework. Infanticide is one form of homicide, attracting the application of Section or IPC.

Section of the Code also controls this crime. Section further states that, by secretly burying or otherwise disposing of the dead body of a child whether such child die before, after or during its birth, the person who intentionally conceals or endeavours to conceal the birth of such child is punishable with imprisonment for two years or with a fine or with both.

In the countries where female feticide has become unbridled, the core factor is the need to continue the family line through the male born into it.

Sons are seen as the main source of income. Even though women today can easily rub shoulders with men, almost in every field they set their mind to, the common misconception still remains that it is the male who will help run the house, and look after his parents. A lump sum paid to the daughter in twenty years when the currency value may depreciate and inflation may skyrocket is seen as a tragedy waiting to happen. It would be so much better to get rid of them with just a fraction of the amount.

Sure, males are the stronger sex when it comes to the pecking order in a country, but that does not entail a curbing of rights for women. Rather than whining about the denied opportunities, women should stand up and try to grasp the chances they want for themselves. However, this Utopian scenario is not quite easily achieved in practice. Centuries of repression has made inferiority second nature to most women. They willingly embrace the role of the meek, submissive, docile wife who works relentlessly to cater to the whims of her husband.

The worst enemy of a woman is the woman herself. Female feticide happens with the explicit consent of the mother. While most mothers-to be agree to this misdeed out of a sense of duty to the family, there are many who take the initiative themselves. With the legalization of abortion in India, illegal sex determination and termination of pregnancies has become an everyday reality.

The professionals in the medical field are only too glad to help parents realize their dream of a healthy baby boy. The initial meager sum is the cost of a pregnancy termination, while the bigger amount specified in comparison, is the expense that the family will be burdened with in the form of dowry for the girl. Industrialization of the health sector has further strengthened the selective sex abortion quarter.

With the advent of CVS, amniocentesis and Ultrasound, sex determination of the fetus has become much easier than it was earlier. This goes on to show how the manufacturers of high-tech equipments and gadgets, used to run these tests, benefit from the woes of future parents and their unborn child. Many hospitals are known to sign long term contracts with the firms involved in the production of these types of medical machinery.

Often, a healthy percentage of the profit is shared with the hospital and both parties enjoy the fruits of rewarding a death sentence. As opposed to CVS and amniocentesis, the ultrasound technology is cheaper and within easy reach of the lower economically backward strata of society. Unfortunately, the probability of accuracy of the ultrasound is not always per cent until the fetus is twenty weeks old.

Consequently, the child aborted by those enthusiastic parents may just be the little prince they were hoping for. In India, the number of girls per boys is declining with each passing decade. From and girls for every boys in the years and respectively, the sex ratio had plummeted to an all time low of girls for boys in If that statistic is a matter of concern, the current figures are toeing the danger line with only girls for boys in In the case of China, the sex ratio is an alarming boys for girls; that means girls for boys.

This is just an example of two nations trapped in the vicious circle. There are many others struggling with a skewed sex ratio. Yes, indeed. Sex ratio is merely a microscopic view of the number of both genders. However, when calculated for the entire population, this clearly indicates the widespread disparity. The steep decline in the number of girls makes them scarce for the teaming number of males eligible for marriage. As a solution to this issue, illegal trafficking of women has become commonplace in many regions.

This is a graver matter than the ideology of mail order brides. They are usually bought in from neighboring areas, where the number of girls might not be as miniscule as the host region. Child marriages become a rage and child pregnancies, a devastating consequence.

The moment when a land participates in the trade off of its women population, it is a sure path laid ahead with pitfalls. Once women become an endangered species, it is only a matter of time before the instances of rape, assault and violence become widespread.

In the backdrop of fewer available females, the surviving ones will be faced with the reality of handling a society driven by a testosterone high. Though a control in the demographic statistics is currently the goal of many nations like China and India, a total wipeout of one sex is not the way to achieve this target. Science would then have to look up solutions to do away with the swarming number of men, should such a worst case scenario happen.

Any act of termination of pregnancy of normal female foetus, amounting to female foeticide, shall be regarded as professional misconduct on the part of the physician leading to penal erasure besides rendering him liable to criminal proceedings as per the provisions of this Act Clause 7. It is here important to note that the penalty for unindicated sex determination and female foeticide is striking off the name from the register apart from criminal action. Sections of the Indian Penal Code IPC deal with miscarriage and death of an unborn child and depending on the severity and intention with which the crime is committed, the penalties range from seven years to life imprisonment for fourteen years and fine.

Liberalization of abortion laws was also advocated as one of the measures of population control. With these considerations, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed in July , which came into force in April This law was conceived as a tool to let the pregnant women decide on the number and frequency of children.

It further gave them the right to decide on having or not having the child. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act of had been enacted as a health measure for women; it was later, modified in to permit abortions under the following conditions:. An Act of this kind, no doubt, made abortion legally permissible and available on demand subject to qualifying under any of the stated criteria. However, this good intentioned step was being used to force women to abort the female child.

Despite this legalisation, a major proportion of induced abortions effected were illegal. In order to do away with lacunae inherent in previous legislation, the Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques Regulation and Prevention of Misuse Act had to be passed in , which came into force in January The Act prohibited determination of sex of the foetus and stated punishment for the violation of the provisions.

It also provided for mandatory registration of genetic counselling centres, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Thus both these laws were meant to protect the childbearing function of the woman and legitimise the purpose for which pre-natal tests and abortions could be carried out. However, in practice we find that these provisions have been misused and are proving against the interest of the females.

In the light of new techniques available to determine sex before conception, it was felt necessary to amend the Act. Originally, there was a Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Regulation and Prevention of Misuse Act, , but due to the prevalence of pre-conception diagnosis, a newer law was put in order. Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques means use of the diagnostic techniques before the birth of a child on a pregnant woman for the purpose of determining of sex of the foetus.

Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques include. Section 4[2] of the Act provides for those circumstances under which the pre-natal diagnostic may be done. Other than this exception all other activities would come under the ambit of an offence and shall be punishable under this Act. According to Sec. Determination of sex is also prohibited under Sec. Husbands and relatives cannot ask or encourage pre-natal diagnostic techniques expect for reasons permitted under law.

The Girl Child

Save Girl Child is an awareness program to save girls from all kind of harassment and discriminatory. So here in the article, we have provided Save Girl Child essay in various format for students. So that they can get all the points easily. So read the full article. They were not allowed to enjoy any freedom and rights.

Education helps an individual to be smarter, to learn new things and to know about the facts of the world. Education plays one of the most important roles in Women Empowerment.

Find long and debate, the birth of women! Essay on girl views the american sees it is happening everywhere. Check out your own essay. Parents are blessed. For blessing to help you could only child.

Girl Education Essay

Post a Comment. Home Allpost contact Privacy Policy. Quality suvichar Sachi Bate Anmol vachan Quotes. However, due to the persistent declining sex ratio of women due to the atrocities against women in India, it seems that the existence of the female caste is not threatened. Therefore, to maintain the sex ratio of women in India, saving girls girls is very important. It has become a very important topic of social awareness in Indian society which Indian youth must know. To increase the knowledge and writing skills of the students, teachers can give them to write paragraphs or complete essays on this subject in class, during examinations or on organizing any competition. Girls have been suffering from various crimes and discrimination in India over the years. The most horrific crime among them is female feticide, in which girls are killed in the mother's womb after ultrasound through a gender test. Save girl child campaign Beti Bachao Abhiyan has been launched by the government to end gender-selective abortions of female fetuses as well as other crimes against girls.

Essay on girl child is a blessing

Save girl child is one of the most important issues India is facing nowadays. This campaign was started as a concern over the declining sex ratio of the girl child. The problem is not just of a single state but it has become a problem of whole nation. Governments of centre and state have taken steps to control the sex ratio of boys and girls as well as to punish those who are killing girl child, as well as punishment is also being given to those who are committing crimes against women.

They go to school, help with housework, work in factories, make friends, care for elder and younger family members and prepare themselves to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Girls play multiple roles in the household, society and the economy.

Post a Comment. Saturday, September 6, The Girl Child. The very fact that the girl child has become a topic of discussion and debate, points to the fact that, this is something different to the other of the human species. The girls have always and everywhere been considered to be lesser of the two beings of the human species.

Essay on Save Girl Child | Importance & Advantages in Life

Essay on Save Girl Child: Today the women are in fierce competition with the male population, especially in India. Girls are attaining tops in every department and proving gender imbalance wrong. International Day of the Girl Child will be celebrated on 11th October every year. This is a very powerful action project, which points to developing the health, safety, education of girls and the abolition of female feticide.

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Female foeticide is both a national problem and a social evil. Low position of women: Women have been subjected to injustice since ages. Some people feel that the birth of girl child may lower their status in the society. There is an extreme desire for boy-child among some sections of our society. Extreme poverty: People who live in extreme poor condition often think that the girl child would cause more economic hardship to them. The social evil of dowry system further worsens the situation.

Essay: The rights of female children, born and unborn

Celebrations, Essays, Speeches, Slogans, Festivals. The girl child is an important pillar of a developed society. The movements like bet bachao beti pardhao, girls education, save girl child are of essential importance. Essay on Save Girl Child in easy simple words with outline, heading, quotes, poster images,in few lines and beautiful sentences have been written here. These essays are short and long, simple for children and students of Ukg class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th and for college level students. Girl child is a blessing.

Nov 6, - They can choose any save girl child essay according to their need and requirement: Girls are equally as important as boys in the society to  2 answers.


Value of Girl Child


Save Girl Child Essay(Beti Bachao Beti Padhao) In Very Easy Words






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